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The Vegetarian Butcher came to us to launch their brand internationally.
So we created their world, unique tone of voice, and tagline... Sacrifice nothing.



They say meat is meat, 
The Vegetarian Butcher says;
you shouldn’t count your chickens.
They say meat is always murder,
The Vegetarian Butcher says;
then pigs must be flying. 
They say nothing good comes without sacrifice, 
The Vegetarian Butcher Says; 
We’re not sacrificing a bloody thing.
From meat to its culture,
from animals to its earth. 
From taste to texture.  
Why should we give up the smoky aroma of bacon in the morning?
Why should we forfeit the saucy
sizzle of joy that a burger brings?  
Meat is far more meaningful than just its taste. 
Meat is the centerpiece that unites friends, families and foes. 
Meat is the bare boned meaning of life. 
They say vegetarians must surrender it all. 
The Vegetarian Butcher says: 



TVB_KV_Round 2_KV_Pack_tabletop-01.png
TVB_KV_Round 2_KV_Pack_tabletop copy.png
TVB_KV_Round 2_KV_Pack_tabletop-15.png


Product films...wooo, well with a clear brand message and tonally provocative campaign idea we were able to create three films that go a level deeper than just what's on your plate. Take a look...

Mar-01-2022 11-01-01.gif
Mar-01-2022 11-00-16.gif
Mar-01-2022 11-03-16.gif

Would you put it on a T-shirt?
The CEO thought so...

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